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positive and inspiring

“I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Jennifer Hengtgen. I had the pleasure of working with her 2 years ago during the transition of a dental practice I was working at in Spokane. I was a Patient Coordinator for two dentists who had made a decision to move to New Hampshire. Jennifer was hired by the Dentist who purchased this practice to help the office staff and myself with the overwhelming task of melding the current practice with another this dentist had purchased.  She was a wonderful guide and she was the person who made sure the insurance credentialing and other important paperwork was completed accurately.  As well, she was a much needed presence in the office to guide and make sure the transition was a success. I found her to be very professional and extremely efficient with the task at hand. She was able to get all paperwork completed in a very short amount of time and I found her to be a very easy person to talk with. She has an amazing amount of knowledge as well as a smile and personality that makes anyone feel at ease. She takes charge without being overbearing or pushy. I could not have done it without her ! I have been guided by many consultants during my 22 year career in Dentistry but I have never had the experience I had with Jennifer. She makes you want to do it the right way and at the same time never makes you feel like the “way” you were doing it was “wrong“..she is positive and inspiring. She would be a tremendous asset to any company but her love and passion for Dentistry shines. I only wish I could work with her again. –Sue Terrebonne Dental Office Administrator in Spokane,WA

without the guidance and training that Jennifer provided, I surely would not have succeeded

“I purchased my first dental practice, right out of school. The retiring dentist had a significant amount of money that needed to be collected in his accounts receivable. We agreed upon hiring a third party to come in and rectify the accounts. Jennifer Hengtgen confidently came into our office and worked her magic. At this point, I had no prior experience of how the practice should run and what knowledge I did have was what I had learned in dental school. Not only did Jennifer gain immediate control of the accounts but she also red flagged a discrepancy in a possible embezzlement that had went on between a then current employee and the previous owner. This is something I would have never figured out on my own, until it would have been much too late. I was able to let the employee go and start my business with a clean slate. With little practice knowledge, I then proceeded to hire two new front office employees, who also had no previous dental experience. Without the guidance and training that Jennifer provided, I surely would not have succeeded. Jennifer was with me for several months during the transition, working on collections and training staff. Jennifer is extremely dedicated to the tasks given to her. She trained with enthusiasm, ease and efficiency. She left my practice in a position for it to be successful. Jennifer is an amazing woman. Over the course of my 15 year career, I have worked with several big named consultants. None have displayed the knowledge or have been as effective as Jennifer, and she wasn’t even hired to consult in my practice. I am thankful for the time she spent in my practice and think of her in the highest regard. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.”  –David A. Johns, DMD Practice Owner

she has the skill of uniting a team and motivating members to work towards goals and achieving them

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jen  in a management role and her leadership style was what really stood out to me.  She has the skill of uniting a team and motivating members to work towards goals and achieving them.  I witnessed the least amount of turnover under her leadership.  As a clinician, I was able to trust her to run the logistics of our clinic smoothly and keep our schedule busy so that I could focus on my patients.  Her experience in various dental settings led her to become well versed in what are the needed tools to run a successful practice.  I have no reservation in referring her to my dental colleagues as a consultant for their practice growth!" –Jennifer Chan,  Practice Owner

identified the strengths of the team and focused on improving areas that were not productive

“Jen brought a unique and fresh perspective to improve our clinic.  She had a clear vision for our clinic and excelled at team building.  She identified the strengths of the team and focused on improving areas that were not productive.  Jen was willing to challenge the status quo and come up with new ideas even when there was resistance to change.  Jen did not back away from dealing with difficult employees and making difficult decisions.  She empowered the employees that were excelling which allowed her to focus on the employees who were struggling.  Jen also gave me confidence to grow into a new role as a clinical director.”   –Christopher Smith, DMD  Clinical Director at CHC of Snohomish County

hardworking, innovative and very professional

“Jennifer was an outstanding Dental Practice Transition Manager during the time I worked with her at The Knutzen Group. She was hardworking, innovative and very professional in managing  our clients. “ –Piega Delaney Delaney Transitions

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