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“I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Jennifer Hengtgen. I had the pleasure of working with her 2 years ago during the transition of a dental practice I was working at in Spokane. I was a Patient Coordinator for two dentists who had made a decision to move to New Hampshire. Jennifer was hired by the Dentist who purchased this practice to help the office staff and myself with the overwhelming task of melding the current practice with another this dentist had purchased. 

She was a wonderful guide and she was the person who made sure the insurance credentialing and other important paperwork was completed accurately.  As well, she was a much needed presence in the office to guide and make sure the transition was a success. I found her to be very professional and extremely efficient with the task at hand. She was able to get all paperwork completed in a very short amount of time and I found her to be a very easy person to talk with. She has an amazing amount of knowledge as well as a smile and personality that makes anyone feel at ease. She takes charge without being overbearing or pushy. I could not have done it without her !

I have been guided by many consultants during my 22 year career in Dentistry but I have never had the experience I had with Jennifer. She makes you want to do it the right way and at the same time never makes you feel like the “way” you were doing it was “wrong“..she is positive and inspiring. She would be a tremendous asset to any company but her love and passion for Dentistry shines. I only wish I could work with her again.

Sue Terrebonne

Dental Office Administrator in Spokane,WA

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