The Roadmap to


A customized, scalable framework that provides you with the necessary tools and resources to bring together all the moving pieces of your dental practice—leading you to consistent and predictable results.

Working through the PDP Framework you will transform your practice culture to one that fosters:

Empowered Leadership
Effective Communication
Team Engagement, Accountability and Performance
First Class Patient Experiences

A Shift from “Reactive” to “Proactive” Problem solving

Take a moment and imagine the impact these changes would have on you and your practice. What would be different from the way your practice is operating now? What would change for you both personally and professionally regarding time, finances, and relationships?

It is time to start running your practice instead of it running you.

The Purpose Driven Practice

The team, the patients, and the practice you’ve always envisioned.


1 - Purpose

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.”

– Nat Turner


Consistent communication between individuals and amongst teams promotes trust, creates accountability and drives efficiency.

I will provide resources and tools to assist you with improving communication within your team and with your patients. You will learn a simple, yet highly effective way to resolve issues systematically before they have the chance to adversely impact your daily operations or long-term objectives.


Simplified and Sustained Problem Solving
Employee Accountability
Forward Momentum


“If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing”

–W. Edwards Deming

Carefully crafted systems are the building blocks of your dental practice. Every facet of your practice is part of a system that can be managed or improved by applying correct principles. Systems are essential to your business’ success, especially when it comes to growth.

Having systems in place will ensure a role is always carried out to a precise standard. Patients will benefit most, receiving the same high level of service, time and time again.
I will show you how to use KPI’s to determine which systems in your practice need attention. You will learn how to evaluate current processes and identify the obstacles preventing the desired outcome and how to create an action plan with assigned accountability to resolve them. I will guide you through the deployment of solutions and how monitor your progress.


Repeatable Processes
Operations Manual
Seamless Patient Experience


“What gets measured, gets managed”

–Peter Drucker


Key performance indicators, aka KPI’s, provide a snapshot of all the moving parts of your practice at once. They highlight individual and group performance while shining a light on areas of opportunity. Additionally, they influence decision making and drive marked improvements. Choosing the correct KPI’s is important and should be based on current goals, initiatives, and timelines.

Ongoing monitoring of metrics gives you the chance to course correct and minimize the impact of any impending issues. From new patient conversion to case acceptance, overhead percentages, and aging of accounts receivable, KPI’s are a guide to improving operations and performance.

Together, we will identify the KPI’s most relevant to achieving the incremental goals of the practice and create a scorecard that allows us to routinely monitor the progress of deployed solutions and initiatives. Having this data will also provide historical reference for practice trends.


Overhead Leveling
Effectiveness Measures
Predictable Outcomes


“You don’t build the business, you build the people. Then the people build the business”

–Zig Ziglar


Building a team with shared objectives, goals, and practices creates a culture where results are accomplished through trust, commitment, communication, and accountability. An empowered team will be your greatest allies in realizing your vision for the future of your practice.

I will teach you how to hire, onboard, and train dental rockstars, and how to create performance enhancing programs that will inspire productivity and increase employee engagement. Engaged employees show up every day with passion, purpose, presence, and energy.


Employee Acquisition and Retention
Performance Management


“Profit is not the purpose of a business but rather the test of its validity”

–Peter Drucker


Just as a patient’s periodontal health is the foundation of their overall oral health, the derived purpose of your practice serves as its foundation. Purpose is an amalgamation of your values, mission, and vision which then become the compass for all your decisions in the practice. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you do, is in coherence with this principle.

I will take you and your leadership team through a carefully crafted process to identify your core values, mission, and vision, intended to align your practice with an authentic purpose that intersects with your business goals. Some practices have already gone through a similar exercise and have this identified…if this is you, great! You’ve already taken a step in the right direction!

We will take a closer look at where you see your practice in five years and working backward, we’ll set incremental goals and devise a plan to achieve them. Additionally, we will evaluate and define employee roles, delegate accountability, and identify workforce needs and challenges.


Values, Mission, Vision
Short-Term and Long-Term Goals
Strategy and Roadmap

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